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High School Clubs

I led multiple clubs at my high school, Crystal Springs Uplands School:

  • Girls Who Code Club (President)
  • CLAP Club (Computers, Linguistics, Applications, Programming) (Founder and President)
  • Women Driving Change (Vice President) 


I also led the following affinity spaces:

  • Women Empowerment (female-identifying) Affinity Space. Started and developed this group as a part of Crystal's inaugural affinity spaces program
  • Girls in STEM affinity group. Founded and led this group with my computer science teacher.

Girls Who Code Club

Girls Who Code Club, associated with the national non-profit organization, works towards closing the gender gap in STEM by encouraging and inspiring girls to explore the applications of technology. This club aims to provide girls with the technical skills, resources, and opportunities that will lead them to rise to the challenges of our time and apply their knowledge beyond the club.


  • A diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) club at my school

  • President since 11th grade

    • I plan all the meetings and teach members about computer science (Women in Tech presentations, programming-basics workshops, and mini programming projects)

    • I also keep a record of what our club does! Check out this repository:

  • Member since 9th grade

  • I led the club in running a book drive during the summer of 2020 (10th grade) and coordinated with the Boys & Girls Club. I also helped create the website for the book drive. We surpassed our goal of collecting 250 books: in fact, we gathered 550 books, more than double our original goal! All books went to the Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club and filled up their new library!

CLAP (Computers, Linguistics, Applications, Programming) Club

  • Founder and president since 11th grade


As the programming club at Crystal, we focus on trying to encourage more people to explore computer science and its applications. We also work towards reducing stigma around computer science and analyzing the intersection between computer science/technology and diversity, equity, and inclusion, such as bias in artificial intelligence.


Founder and coordinator of Crystal Springs Uplands School's first tech/innovation/STEM festival to celebrate and showcase the accomplishments of Crystal students with technology.

Women Driving Change

  • Vice president in 11th grade
  • Member since 9th grade
  • I help plan an annual "Pass the Mic Conference" where we invite a keynote speaker, a panel, and lead activities centered around feminism and creating dialogue around women in different career fields.

Other club Membership

  • Book Club: member since 9th grade
  • Computational Linguistics Club: member in 10th grade
    • This club's focus on linguistics is now taught in CLAP club (see above)
  • Computer Science Club: member in 9th grade